The Engagement Hub exists to ensure that the Leeds Cancer Programme meets the needs of the different communities in Leeds, and keeps the interests of patients and the wider public at its heart. The group will provide assurance that we consider peoples’ needs and preferences as we develop Cancer services in Leeds.
There are 4 strands of the Cancer Programmes’ work stream areas of focus, which are made up of:
• Prevention, Screening & Awareness
• Early Diagnosis
• Living With & Beyond Cancer
• High Quality, Modern Services

What is the Leeds Cancer Programme Engagement Network?
It is a Virtual group, and means that we communicate via email, social media (private/closed group on Facebook for those that want to) website and phone.

The aim of the Network is:

  • To keep you up to speed with any updates/news on the Leeds Cancer Programme a regular basis. One of these forms will be via the Leeds Cancer Programme Quarterly Newsletter and a monthly email.   We are also looking into setting up a closed group on Facebook if anyone prefers this as a medium for communication.
  • We value the contributions you bring. If anyone has anything they would like the Cancer Programme to look at/know about/be made aware of this could be forwarded to me via email/ phone call/Facebook or through the Leeds Cancer Programme website.

In the event that someone has a literacy or communication issue where this may not work, we can discuss with you your preferred method of communication.

Would you like to become a member of our virual engament network to give feedback and ideas on projects and initiatives driven by Leeds Cancer Programme? If so, please contact our Macmillan Engagement Lead, Toni Larter: 0113 0113 8432596 or email: