The new FIT test (Faecal Immunochemical Test) is designed to detect hidden blood in poo samples. Following consultation, the test pack will be given to the patient by their local GP which the patient then conducts at home. The patient collects a tiny sample stored within a sample tube which is then sent in a pre-paid envelope to the Leeds Pathology Department at St James’s University Hospital. The result of the test will be sent to the patients GP within seven days. The GP will then inform the patient of the results and the next steps.

The newly implemented test benefits from:

  • Requires a single sample taken once  will reduce the need for repeat tests

  • Sample collection devices are easier to use than the former faecal occult blood tests - more acceptable to people and so may increase test uptake.

  • Possible reduction in invasive procedures.

  • FIT specifically measures human haemoglobin (Hb) rather than any other blood in the diet.

  • FIT has a high negative predictive value – a negative result makes colorectal cancer unlikely

  • No need for dietary recitations before using the test

  • Clear instructions for ease of completion

  • Completed in the patients home, without the need of a hospital visit.